What should mug do

keep playing or wait till next month

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Wait till next month.

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Wait till all mods on so you get banned.


mind as well play it. it’s not like it’s a huge issue for you to get the 12 wins man. I’m a believer.

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oh shit youre in gloucester

Lol I’m working there today I live in south philly

Oh lol

Mug should take decisions by himself since he is such a phenomenon and that he talks about himself at the 3rd person


Thanks bro appreciate the support but it’s always nice to get some input from the community sometimes

Might as well play it

Community, or juste the people beneath you?

Yeah I’m kinda leaning that way it’s nice to get the new player of the month the first day but this mode is the only way I get tokens. I tried triple threat but I played about 50 games n got 1 token I just can’t get that ball drop thing down

What do you mean? Where is the Mug hatred stemming from recently?

How often are you able to play? You could still get him day 1 you have a week and a half

Do you not know how to upload a picture? :rofl::skull:

Usually a lot but I can’t play weekends n I got the Holliday’s coming up so that will prolly cut into my during the week playing time

What did mug do? I can’t find the thread.

You are not asking for support, showoff as usual. This game is all you have. Mug should go out, get some real friends to increase his self-esteem instead of playing 100s of games a week and bragging about it.


Lol not really I was in my mid 20’s before I ever turned on a computer or touched a key board computers aren’t my thing

Mug went Mug