What should I sell these players for

Unlimited gilbert arenas
Diamond josh smith with pink adidas
20th anniversary magic badged out with diamond contract and orange cp3’s
John havlicek badged out with diamond contract and orange cp3’s
I want to sell these cards for as much as possible when the market is as high as it’ll be so what should I sell them for?

Naked Arenas is 90k
Josh Smith with crap shoe is 55k-60k
Other 2 cards are worth max 100k ea

These cards are all Buy now cards so sell whichever day doesnt affect ur profits

u got about 310k after tax to play around with. Larry Bird if u dont have him.

So you couldn’t just check auction house yourself? Man people get lazier by the day


Lol thanks SoHo. Some players ask streamers for locker codes. I’m thinking the same damn thing.

@Grazle what prices should I settle for selling them when the market is dry again? Without looking at ah prices, what are they worth?

@SoHo_Don no what i’m asking is how much they’re worth. How much should I settle to sell them for when the market is dry?

Peoppe gonna panic and expect galaxy opal to be auctionable, we’ll be lucky to see a galaxy opal lockable reward, because I’ll take that.

@Spacemonkey ??? Wdym??? That didn’t answer any of my questions

You’re xbox so I don’t know how your market is, but right now on ps4 it’s a buyer market everythinf is cheap. Except PD Ad with diamond contract with nike foams full badge went for 595k!

Everyone is selling because they just obtained GO Godfreak Giannis , so everything is cheap