What should I improve?

I’m sitting on around 300k and I have this lineup. I’ve been 10-0 and 11-0 before being trounced for ginobli. I’m now taking it as a personal challenge lol.

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Get rid of Shaq. Fucking awful for me when I played on someone’s account to get them Manu. Run Ruby KAT

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Amy kat is killin it for me. Yea let shaq retire

Ruby Kat gets abused by skilled post users. Shaq is only for rebounds and defense. Plus he compliments porzingis well. I had Amy Kat and he wasn’t doing much to wow me

I know ruby Kat much less mt lol. I sold Kat needless to say

I’d splash for a couple diamonds tbh. Diamond Iggy/Richmond and diamond Granger will make your squad so much better.

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Whats your playstyle, i think that matters more then your lineup

Iggy was the one I’m eyeing. Granger wouldn’t be bad either but that may take all my mt and I’m not sure I want to go broke. Iggy for Petrie?

Ruby KAT with the diamond PG’s is absurd. Carried me through my run shitting all over the Mutombos and the KAJs. Post D isn’t that bad if you’re good at defending in the post and he snags

Whoever said mostly casuals are left is also full of shit


I see Pd/diamond cards and 12-0 winners left and right. If anything, the casuals are gone

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Yeah casuals usually hit around Christmas again. Now its usually pd squads im playing against (i have a full pd squad too so maybe the matchmaking makes it that way)

thats a really solid and balanced team.

You aren’t wrong about the matchmaking but since the update that made nearly every team a 99, you can face teams without stacked squads. It’s just we’ve reached a point where it’s hardcore players

I’m going shoes, badged iggy for Petrie

Would ruby miles be a better option than mo Pete at the 2?

What abt klay?

Finley at the 2, KiKi/granger at the 3. Idk if it’s warriors freelance or what but he’s always open on the wing in transition when he’s my SG

I sold mo, grabbed a badged out klay, put a bid on iggy. We will see how it rolls

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At the very least mixing it up