What should i do?

I just sniped an iggy for 90k with a diamond 3pt shoe. should i resell or keep? this is my lineup without iggy and i still need a backup pf. i have 37k atm.

Iggy always gives me fits when I play him (from a lockdown and driving aspect), so I would throw him in your starting lineup for J Rich and sell him, since he is probably worth more than VC is right now. For your backup PF, I would say you should just get Amy Draymond because he is cheap and fits your lockdown scheme. He can also shoot the open 3 which is important for your bench lineup since Ayton cant shoot 3s, so it would be good to at least have your pf be able to shoot.

Ha! That’s hilarious. You’re welcome, that was probably mine. Diamond contract, diamond red kobe mids, and badged like a badass on Xbox?

Either way, he is a total beast and a TTO god. Didn’t want to part with him but I was just playing some PDs over him too much to keep him. Enjoy him!

You Should Try Jimmy Buckets Perfect 3&D

Get Turk in place of deng

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Yes. This.