What should I do with my team?

I could use some help figuring out waht direction to go with my team. Here is my current team:

I currently have 513,000 MT and 559 Tokens. I am in the Sapphire token tier.

I was thinking of selling PD Allen Iverson, I like him but he’s so small and gets blocked constantly and has trouble defending the big PGs/SG/SF people run at PG. I was thinking I sell Iverson and the Diamonmd Kareem and pick up the PD Kareem.

I was also thinking of then going all the way to the Diamond tier and getting Carmelo and and Peja. On top of that I am pretty close to getting AK47 reward card. I am 150 away without having finished domination or any HC collections and still about 25 current day collections to finish. Also unlocking the Ruby/Amethyst tier of tokens would get me amother 20 cards, so I’d be 130 away.

Here is the lineup I had in mind:

What do you guys think I should do? Thanks

tough to say. you have a lot of high value auctionable cards in your current lineup.

You can field a team good enough to go 12-0 with with just the token reward cards and a couple of cheap rubys/amys.

So it depends on what your goals are. If your goal is to field the best team you can get now you will inevitably take a big MT loss on these cards at some point. Alternatively, you could take a stars and scrubs approach and sell all of your current team and pickup players that we know will hold value for a long time like limited Kareem, PD Blake, D Klay and fill the rest of the roster with rewards.

Been loving AI offensively lol. Legit got Klays shooting over AI most games

AI and Granger are my two big ones worth around 200,000 MT. Oscar, Iggy and O’Neal float around 100,000mt mark. Kareem is 50,000mt. I don’t mind taking a loss on Granger, Iggy and O’Neal if it means using them until like January if not later.

Is the limited PD Kareem worth the price? I dont even know how much he’s going for.

If I sell AI for around 200,000 and Kareem for 50,000 I’d have around 730,000mt. I want to get to Kirlienko and then sell back jerseys, playbooks, logos, arenas, etc…Assuming a throwback set comes out this week, I can get 20 cards from that, 30 from completing sapphire, ruby and amethyst token tiers. That would leave me 100 cards away. I can finish up domination to get whatever cards I’m missing from that and then spend like 100,000-150,000 for HC cards and then resell them afterwards.

im holding AI till hes 300k again i believe it’ll happen

What makes you think that?

he was 300k the whole sunday

The limited Kareem was like low 200s last night. I just think it’s a safer bet selling jermaine and diamond Kareem and maybe iggy. Those are all middling cards that will be wiped out sooner than later. While the limited PDs will hold value for much longer.

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If youre only 150 away the 500k should be enough i believe then sell back

Oscar / Danny / Ak47 / Blake / Limited Kareem

Iggy / Peja / Melo / Petit / DJ

Pd Kareem
Hold AI for 300k or until set can be completed

If youre fine with Dj then stick with him but i prefer Embiid to stretch and post moves

With last year being my first full cycle myteam year under my belt, the number one lesson I learned was to only buy either the absolute godliest players available or the best budget ballers available.

It’s better to be top heavy than to be well rounded.

You think PD Blake is worth trying out? I don’t see a lot of people running him

What kind of lineup are you running? I’m curious to see what works for you.

Blake nickname Mr.Fastbreak and Mr.Blowby

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This is what I was running last night on my way to manu. Now that I got him I put my Klay and Darius Miles up for auction this morning. I’m slowly building my collection and keeping all cards that have very small difference between their quicksell value and auction value and selling everything else.

PD blake is a very great card. Best PF in my opinion. And with all the HOF badges, if you learn his animations he’s an offensive powerhouse.

I don’t think I’m good enough at the game to win with Rubys against Diamonds and PDs. I’ve gotten to 11-0 a couple times but that was with diamond and amythyst teams.
I’ll consider selling off AI, Jeramine, Diamond Kareem, and Ray Allen and filling those spots with Token Rewards.

If you have gone 11-0 you can definitely get to 12-0 just requires a bit of luck.

All I’m saying is that you can afford to sell those guys and pickup a nice Kareem or Blake.

Diamond Baron or ruby eddie can replace AI, diamond rashard or ruby porzingis can replace jermaine if you dont get blake, and PD kareem will replace your diamond one. And diamond peja or ruby Klay can replace your ray allen.

Do you think something like this would work?

I’d be selling off AI, Diamond Kareem, Jermaine O’Neal, Ray Allen, DeAndre Jordan, and Kevin Durant.

I really like Granger and Iggy so I think I want to hold onto them.

When do you tink the best time would be to sell off those guys I mentioned?

That team looks great tbh. switch all city.

I think you should try and sell tonight if you can. We are most likely getting packs tomorrow so prices will likely drop.

That’s a good point. I was looking at Limited Kareem, on PS4 hes going for over 300,000mt while the signature one is 150,000. I dont think I want to spend 150,000 extra for some HOF badges. That seems too steep.