What should I do next?

Hey y’all, just migrating over from 2kMTC. Took a few months off, but couldn’t resist the urge. PS4. 225k in the bank. Lineup below.


I have been eying DI Jordan, PM Durant, and PM Lebron. Also considered maybe AMY Durant and then a sg. I have a DI contract and the black Nike DI shoe with boosts to passing and defense I never used before.

Looking to grind schedules and play some SM for fun. No eyes on PD prizes, just running some ball.

So what would make the most sense? I like to run a lot of high post/horns and cutting action. Not a talented ISO player.

You run Kawhi at the 2? How does he do for you there?

DI Jordan is very cheap, on PS4 he’s under 150k most times, and PM Lebron/ Durant are very similar priced.

You really just need to upgrade your starting 2, and MJ is a great option, but another would be DeRozan or amy Kobe w/ a shoe. Even amy MJ with the right shoe can score at will, albeit, not as good as the DI.

Any KD will do, DI or Amy, KD has great animations attacking the rim and handling the ball. PG13 is also nice and HoF LR is no joke. I think you’re probably good bench wise, especially with Worthy.

95 or 97 Lebron will do great, better with the right shoe (Kyries if you want him to handle the ball more, white Kobes if you want him to spot up, grey Kobes if you want him to be the fastest guy on your team.)

Amy Zinger is also amazing, plays way above his stats and is fast af for someone that’s 7’3. Sabonis is also another great option, but Wilt is better defensively and fast as balls.

Thanks man. Really detailed response. I grabbed LeBron, threw my shoe on him, and then grabbed a budget AMY Kobe with a shoe. We’ll see how it goes. Will have about 55k left after a couple of sales. So far, so good! Time to face the cheese.