What should I do next?

I’ve really been budget balling this year not really going for expensive players I’ve accumulated around 85k MT from sniping and so on. What should I do with my lineup?

I know youre gonna hate hearing this cause everyone has probably told you. But bruh, you need to grind domination, get tokens unlock diamond rewards and then keep stacking that MT


Yea I know that I’m like halfway through fantasy dom right now I started my team like 2 weeks ago

Such a grind but getting Diamond melo, Peja, baron is worth it plus once you hit All time dom you start making a good amount of MT as well.

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Is there any players you think I should pick up that can boost my team immediately?

Ruby klay badged up and Morris Peterson

These two are good. Ruby darius miles and Stephen jackson as well

Ruby Porzinigs and Darius Miles are cheap easy upgrades.

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I’ve never like kristaps in 2k who else would be a good option?

KAT, Amy Embiid or Ruby Amare. I run 4 out 1 in. Having both big men unable to shoot (Adams and Heard) IMO is a paint clogging nightmare. and I’m not a 3pt gunner but you need spacing.

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