What shooting combination has been working for you guys?

Trying to see whats been effective meter On or Off, type of meter, and shot timing release. I seem to be changing mines everyday.

Shot meter off 100%. I look at it too much when it’s on. Get a feel for the shot and you’ll be fine.

I have mine on “late”, but I actually think this feature is bullshit man like 2K WANTS me to fuck up the release? I don’t get it.

I play with Jamal Murray in garbage minutes and his shot takes like 4 seconds man, I thought about pressing start and change it to very early before I shoot with him lmao

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I have no idea what the choice of early, late etc does. But I have it on early and meter on. I can’t imagine going with meter off. Everyone’s shot is so slow (except for a few guys) that I’d never make any shots.

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recently switched to very late, no meter after mike wang recommended it for 5v5 modes. it’s been working pretty well for me

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it determines when you should release the button. early is right before wrist flick. very late is right before the ball releases. very late has been easier for me because it’s more predictable when you aren’t just controlling one guy

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someone may have mentioned it in another thread, but it auto reverses to late every now and then, and always when playing online, which is super annoying

I am currently on late but I might actually try very late

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I have used early with no meter most of the time. Had some success but it wasn’t perfect.

Like I never was good with Ja Morant’s jumper. I made them if completely opened most of the time, but off the dribble if I got open I usually missed. I changed to late and I green a lot more with Ja after dribbling. He wasn’t in my lineup anymore, but I may have to start using him again.

It does get annoying relearning everyone’s release timing after changing it. I was good with Steph on early, but now I struggled with him after switching to late.

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I am loving late but its killing my timing with Richard Jefferson. i only wish we could assign the time to players individually

Yea that would be great.

It just doesn’t feel consistent for every jumper. Like on late James Worthy feels like I have to release very late to green. While other jumpers feel different then that. I probably need to get better, but it doesn’t feel like there is a perfect release timing for every jumper.

played meter on, early timing, without shot feedback all for 100 clutch time offline games. cause i didn’t even change my settings when I got the game.
Realized this by day 9 and turned off shot meter and turned on shot feedback, kept timing on early.
drose release nice.