What shoes for KD?

He seems so good, doesn’t seem like any shoe would really make a difference other than Takeover.

Currently running D’Antoni

South beach or white KDs that give +5 swb and block.

I personally got white KDs because I dislike colorful shoes.
But he doesn’t really need anything.

Black LBJ

Red Kyries to boost SWB, BC, 3ptCon, layup, and def consistancy.


That’s what I was thinking lol in terms of he’s such a good card, doesn’t need much,

SB Bron’s would give him more of a post presence in terms of control and holding his own on defense.

Way too expensive and useless.
With D’Antoni only swb is useful.

These intrigued me as well

red kyries to me are the best for kd to boost his swb and defensive consistency

White Kobe’s w/ D’Antoni

90 Steal
93 Post Fade
99 Speed
99 Acceleration


I heard blue KDs give sharp lock takeover

Don’t think it’s worht it for KD for a 60k shoe.

red kobes :100:


That’s what I put on him as well.


The red Kyries are the best shoe for KD. He needs the def. consistency boost as well as SWB.

Yes it is.
97 bc, 96 contested 3, 99 layup.

After hitting a shot, it’s all 99.
Wasting money on one of the most expensive shoes just for 5swb, when you can get south beach or white KDs for much cheaper and they add other useful boosts.

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Had red Kobe’s, worked fine and had Sharp/Shot Takeover.

Overwrote with Blue KD and has Sharp/Lock takeover with Pop, which I personally prefers, all you need is not running over the half court with him and execute some 3 point plays or post plays.

Red Kobes

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i went with the south beaches hes so good offensively he doesnt really need a high price shoe. the defense and pasaing boosts seem like the best move imo

Anyone using Kerr and what shoes did you choose?