What shoe you guys rocking on Tmac?

Is It even worth putting one on him?

I haven’t. Probably the Lillards but they are a zero for style points. I would say green kobes for style :sunglasses:
Maybe a rebounding shoe for cheap. He really doesn’t need any boosts. Swb helps but it won’t change much.

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I went with foams for the rebounding and strength boosts.


Tmac don’t need shoes he’s a god, just throw on the tmac signature shoes to give him that real feel

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Cheap post fade shoe, nothing else is needed because he’s a god

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That’s why I asked, couldn’t really think of anything worth putting on him

The white Adidas for swb.

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I haven’t really used shoes on players that much. The +3 boost doesn’t seem worth the mt on most cards.

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I just put my TMac with a contract and those high top mint green shoes in the AH. Should be ending in 5 hours!


Please get him lol

You didn’t like him?

I’m going on vacation and want as much value as possible for him lol.

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I put the ones that boost lat quick, steal, etc. All defensive stats