What shoe for PD JR Smith?

Just got him but wanted to know which shors will work best for him.

I’m probably going to have him tomorrow and pink superstars are waiting.

99 steal, 99 swb, 99 fade, 97 pass vision, 99 contested mid

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Yeah this is what I use. Have no issues with shot/sharp takeover on the best shooter in the game lol. I believe there is a way to get him to sharp/lock which I would like to see.

Sharp/slash is pretty fun too

I like pink adidas

Just for principal I refuse to add pink superstars on a player that took this long for me to get.

I will opt for south beach lebrons lol

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I think poppovich as coach gets that.

I don’t have any shoes that aren’t white/grey/black on myteam, haha.

I use spurs camo jerseys and colored shoes don’t fit.

Only Kobe has red kobes, everyone else doesn’t have colored shoes.

I did South Beaches, look the best and some D boosts.


Alright, so what about shoes for Opal Wilt?
I will be getting him tommorrow.

Hey guys. How was the climb to JR from Webber? I planned to sell y collection back after Webber. If I’m not going for GO Yanis, will I regret stopping at Webber or should I go for JR and then sell?

And. Did anyone lock in HC sets

White Kobes for opal wilt

White Kobe’s. Cha ching lol

I locked HC for Wilt.

this got me dying

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Sharp/slasher is the best takeover for him. White and red Jordan XXXI with Pop/Kerr.

pink adidas

My I’s move in silence you dumb mericans :laughing:. For real I’m glad u laughing but I was coming for the facts.

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I’m thinking I’ll go with the pink adidas as others have suggested. 50 cards away but it still seems so far. Lol

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