What sg is best

What sg is best

looking for a sg preferably an auctionable one, what do people suggest

Paul George.


Definitely not Thompson.

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Paul George or amy Kobe


Paul George

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Reward JRich, AH PG

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heard it’s totally worth it locking for J.R. and/or Klay

Best defender with a very very good 3 Diamond Bowen

2nd best defender but the best overall Diamond Paul George

Best Shooter and decent overall Diamond.Beal

Best Budget Option Ruby Cuttino Mobley

How’s beals shot

The best shot in the game! Easy as f… Smooth as f… With HoF limitless range !!

Beal’s diamond was really nice in 2k18, wish this one was similar


Diamond Bowen

I still use kobe

Ruby danny green or spotlight clyde

In that order.

T Ross, once you get his shot timing down, just can’t miss. Plus he has quick first step and a tall player model – which lets him plays defense above his weight class.