What set or freelance?

I see people all the time that run sets or freelance where their center lines up by default at the top of the key. What is this?

Princeton, it’s called freelance 2

Alright, unlist the thread now. Hahaha just kiddin’.

Freelance 1 no ? Thats what the.video says. I cant wait run this. How perfect for.sabonis. how have i not run this yet lol


Speaking of freelance, it seems to me that a series takes precedence over it. What i mean is that if a series is currently set, even if i call a freelance, the series will still take over. Is there a way to cancel the current series to run a freelance?

You know what they say, gotta get gud ked :kissing_heart:

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Flip push, freelance 1 , warriors
And a couple others I’m learning

Wilt freaking eats in this

Change ur focus. Anything but series should work

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Dont have wilt yet :frowning: gasol should be aight at it too. Jokic probably nasty with hof flashy passer too

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There’s a moment if that freelance where you can drop step etc with your center… It’s awesome lol

This is exactly why I wanted to know. Perfect for Sabonis.

Ok cool, will try it out tonight. Thanks

this shit is crazy. Loving this “freestyle 1” lol

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This isn’t the setup that I was searching for though, unfortunately.

try Pace freelance

If you go focus…series…5 out the center stands directly on the top of the key behind the three point line in the Magic playbook. I’m guessing that’s what you are seeing online. Unless you meant on the top of the key.

If they ever came out with a 01-02 Kings Playbook, the Princeton offense would be it. Created by the late great Pete Carril.

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21 delay

5 out series puts your bigs right at the top of the three point line