What’s your MT count

Curious where everyone is. When you respond put NMS or $

I was around 95K last I checked. I bought the legends edition so $.

~51k NMS. Made quick 8k adding bronze shoe boosts to bronze/silver shoes and quickselling after seeing Bio2k do it.


What’s the easiest method to make coins rn NMS? I only got like 20k.

Not necessarily are you money spent just because you bought legends edition. If you buy more packs with new vc that’s $. If you don’t most would consider you NMS

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Find a filter that works for you. I have worked 4 different ones. Did well in draft mode 1 (26 picks) and only got 10 the next time. Draft mode yielded me probably 50,000 mt because I got Dwight Howard amythst and 4 ruby packs between all the picks.

I’m up to around 175,000


NMS 58K only using reward cards rn and allan houston

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So the best way to get MT is through draft mode? I mostly play domination and triple threat offline, I’ll try out draft today, I’m not really the best at the game, I can easily win those dom games on all star (by 20 pts+) but we’ll see how it goes online, haven’t played since 2k20 :smiley:

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Can you explain this real quick? Is it legit just add any boost to a bronze shoe and quick sell? Or is it specific value boosts?

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Respect for remembering the Machine aka the OG Slovenian GOAT haha

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anything works based on what I saw in the vid. haven’t tried it yet

I’m at 50k with NMS (regular game version) and playing time of like 8 hours atp and all domination… I bought like 6-7 LaMelos and made about 20k by flipping him, sold almost all I got… some dude is buying all my injury cards at 350-400 lol. If you’re reading this, thanks bro

yup any bronze boost. You have to add 2 for silver shoes but it still seems worth to me.

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360k after locking colossal - collector level around 550. Only replying because it’s been all NMS players so far and the spenders don’t want to speak up lol.


300k, nms, standard edition.
Aiming 1 million then Im stop trading :sweat_smile:

currently around 125, making good amounts off draft mode

Have you played a single game yet or just by sniping

I’m at 126k I think, pulled Shaq last night. About to get wilt, once I do, Shaq outta here, should be around the 250k mark, should be enough for the next lebron that comes out

Played a lot tbh :slight_smile: around 30stars in dom, got the limited ring and doing the 5th starter evo already…

But its not sniping what Im doing, that would be too boring for me.

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What you into bro? Draft mode?