What’s y’all triple threat lineup

What’s y’all triple threat lineup

I’ve been running with
Diamond Lebron
Diamond Siakam
Diamond AD

I’ve been pretty successful with this lineup since Lebron plays the 1, Both Spicy and AD can defend on the perimeter and post and both can shoot,

What y’all running

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Kobe, PG13, & Giannis have been nice for me.


94 Kobe/95 Pascal/95 giannis

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Diamond nance, Amt Nelson and sapphire Redick for help glitch Evoing 3s

Help glitch?

Gold Ja Morant
Silver Danny Green
Evo Dwight

So broke


Call Give and go, curl around a player on the side, the cpu will always help.

Wait is this a on and offline thread?

Damn, I feel like the M&M in that Santa Claus commercial



Opal drob / ewing
Opal hill/kobe/ pascal

How is opal hill?

PD Duncan / New Moments AD / Moments Giannis

I run with cards I have diamond contracts on. Currently opal DRob, Diamond Kobe and Pd Lavine


3 diamonds. Magic, Kobe, Pascal.

Kobe DRob Wilkins

D Kobe, PD X man, PD Blake

Who plays triple threat? What’s the point

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Hes not OP like Robinson
Does everything very good, specially on D. Gets lots of boards, doesnt get blocked but Will miss some top corner 3s. Not good at dribbling, small player size
For now hes good. I would get him if you already have Drob and dont wanna Wait for the next badge of opals