What’s up with the ‘endgame’ market?

It’s freaking mid-August. Game has less than 3 weeks left in it. And yet I just sold a glitched Kristaps for 100k. That card should be 25k by now.

More annoying is that I’m trying to build some theme teams for fun and a guy like opal Carmelo is 70k or more. WTF happened in 2k20 that this market never hit bottom?

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Cards were the cheapest last Thursday. Wish I bought some cards for my theme teams. They need to release juiced duo packs to really kill the markets for non-GOAT cards


Every single card should be like 50k but 2k sucks and didn’t make those GOAT singles MT

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True. They should have made those packs guaranteed with VC or MT. 25k of either for a guaranteed opal.


Didn’t make them guaranteed they have to drop some duo packs or something to crash the market. I’m trying to do squad builders and use fun players but everything is so overpriced in August.


Only good thing about it is I can sell off my team and shit and make like 2.5 mil MT to sell off still if I wanted to pick up '21 :rofl: :rofl:

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I’m pissed. I wanted to do the 2012 Team USA and I literally can’t afford the best version of the roster with my remaining 400k, which should be more than enough.

But hey, I have PD Alize Johnson and Ryan Hollins, so I got that going for me. Which is nice.


Because people still play they game and are going to keep playing 20 because most people say they’re not getting 21 and just waiting until next gen but when most of us go to 21 on current gen The market will be dead like 19 was

I wanted to do that as well I have 600k right now but all prices are so high we really need some packs. I don’t want content but this is the time of endgame where you have the most fun using players you want.

We didn’t get the guaranteed juiced duo packs (yet). And I think if these GOAT packs were guaranteed with MT things would be very, very different

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I don’t want content to open packs. But like you, I want those super duos so after others rip, I can grab some random guys for way cheaper than they are now for team building.

New packs in the token market would be nice, too. But it’s pretty clear that it is O-V-E-R.

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NIB AD is back to over 100k…

Wow. I was going to scoop him up because he was down to 70k before but nvm

Ingram over 90k on Xbox.

will pg giannis go down or will he stay around 1 mil

A part of the problem is that there’s a lot more Mt circulating around this year at the end. There has never been so many 1-2 million Mt cards before from Lebron, Giannis, LaMelo, KD, Tmac. The inflation is largely attributed to people with more Mt going into end game and now spending it. All goes back to MT farmers and MT sites.

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To put it in perspective GO LeBron, Kobe, Durant were all 15-25k at this time last year. But they also released Duo packs with highly juiced odds and the packs were about 12k mt.

I would be shocked if we don’t see more duos with the return of both EVO and Duo packs with no timer in the last pack update for the year.

No idea. I assume he’ll drop, but when? A week before 21 drops? I just went with the SF GOAT Giannis. 600k cheaper and I get to use him now instead of in 2 weeks.

im gonna get pg giannis for just under a mil tonight

I have a sinking feeling that’s not happening. I guess they could do one more recycled drop this week, but dropping GOATs sure seems like a final act move.