What’s up with the diamond rewards

Anybody confused about the diamond players? I feel like the amethyst rewards got better updates than the diamonds. The only good ones to me are Eddie Jones, BI and turner. Thoughts?

Mo Pete and Bogdanovic seems nice :smile:


The disrespeck for Antoine!


Mo Pete would be like the 4th best pd


MO is nice


Ingram? Ew

His release and build alone are worth it

Theres a few good ones ingram is terrible for me unfortunately one of my fav players irl

But perterson, believe or not chandler is a beast also but ofc no 3 ball. Steve smith i think its some decent ones

My bad y’all forgot about mo Pete. He’s the best one easily I sold pd peja for him

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I liked bogdonavic up until his ball control. It’s atrocious

Yeah he seems like a 3&D guy, not advisable to handle the ball with him.

I just like to be able to dribble with my pg to pf. Some people don’t mind low ball control though

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Chandler, Smith and Toine are nice options too

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Antoine Walker has 4123 total attributes. More than 12 galaxy opals (Wilt, Hondo, Yao, Manu among others)… And one of the best releases in this game.


Does diamond mo pete have 3pt plays?

Damn I forgot about the Harlem Shake Supreme. I wanna get him and run him at the C for kicks

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Bog has trash BC for a frontcourt player

I have Mo pete and surprisingly i just cant use this card… I mean his release and everything is so good but idk man… I have a hard time using him

Hes just a big 2 with nice badges and release. People hype anything. If you’re still trying to unlock PD token market, then sure…give him a whirl. But I would not waste 60 tokens on him unless I needed to buy a diamond to get to 10. I would much rather save the tokens and spend MT on a card like 98KD. Who has been a filthy animal for me since he came out.

Turn the shot meter off. Thank me later