What’s up with Michael Redds price?

This dudes going for 90k on PS4.

Is this card mad good or are there Michael redd Stan’s? I need some reviews.

He’s a sniper and people just realized it

He’s good, team debating tho, I always try to say I’m not having a player on my bench worth 100k, so it just depends

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Noones opening those packs. Monchief would be low 40s aswell

No one is opening those packs, I sniped him for 29k and sold him for 65k the other day. Card is good but not much better than Peterson


DBG scored 105 with him in his gameplay video which can’t possibly help lower his price. Wait for the 2 days he’ll be in packs after Magic is gone he’ll go down in price

Base 11 jumpshot = OP