What’s the best pack for pulling Moments players? HC or Moments

Which is the better pack to buy for pulling moments cards? Is it the Heat Check or the league Moments? I’m gonna get a 20 box of one.

No packs lol ah is the best for me

Moments blue & red netted me every card but kemba

I already have 105k Vc sitting I wanna use lol

How many packs did you buy?

I just bought a Moments 20 box… pulled AD, two Kembas, and 9,000 Jaren Jacksons.


I swear you have the best pulls

Thanks I’m going with the Moments box then

Like 60, got Lebron, 3 AD’s, 2 kyries, vucevic & Amy Lebron & Westbrook

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I got nothing in HC, but did well on Moments.

But i dont think there is an exact science.

I’m 11 packs in and nothing above an emerald

Lmfao I’m pretty sure the later you wait to pull packs the worse the odds are

I got him and the last diamond in 20 pack deluxe moments boxes. my son pulled the last one in a 10 pack standard moments whatever.

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I swear the better pulls this year are just because I hardly spend lol. I went for some Kareem packs because they seemed juiced AF, hit big on those, and saved the rest of the VC… used it to buy this box, and got lucky again. It’s odd, dude. The year I don’t spend much, I get better pulls lol.


1 20 pack moments box. Best pull Sapphire Deandre Jordan. :snowflake:


They give you good pulls to make you want to spend more maybe? Idk

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I STG my packs were ass until I got booted off of myteam then I pulled fire after fire.

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lol I opened 2 got him in the second box

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It has to be. There’s no other explanation, except extreme luck.

Ouch. That hurts my soul.

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