What’s the best mode to be grinding?

Every year I play majority MTU because I feel like it’s the most fun mode. But I’ve started to enjoy triple threat here and there. Worth grinding offline? Or better to do online.

They’re both good I prefer online only because you get way more tokens fom it but there’s not much to spend the tokens on depending where your at in the token market

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TTO for me. Rates are slightly up with season 2. Probably close to 20k mt and 30 tokens an hour. Throw in a pack here and there.

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Sounds good homies. Thanks for the heads up. Any beastly cards for TT?

AH for me.


the new spotlights are easy to grind, should only take you about an 1-1.5 hours

I like to grind all of the modes. I bounce around from hour to hour to keep things semi fresh. At level 24 right now.

TTO is the best. Pick up a lot of tokens and MT

If you have Curry he’s the best for a lot of reasons. Draymond is also a stud and can be your tallest guy or shortest guy, he’s very versatile. In general my strategy is bringing 3 guys who can shoot open shots and have Clamps. Otherwise you’ll get paint sat on or blown by every possession

I also like having 3 guys who can handle the ball so whoever gets the board can push

I’ve been doin people dirty with Magic, Worthy, PG. when I get bored, I’ll swap PG out for Dr J. Too easy.

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Been running Stockton, Pierce and Draymond for TTO and haven’t lost in 40+ games. Bringing in a solid amount of MT and Tokens

Do you have diamond contract on any of them

Check this post for a pretty detailed layout of what to expect. This was before they buffed the amount a little bit so I’d expect more MT per game

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Eric Gordon and Scal are killers for me

TTonline for pure enjoyment.

For actually getting MT, the AH at the moment. I’ve got a couple of filters i hit up between games.

I would agree that TTO might be the best grinding mode today with the extra ball drop but I just got a fucking loss when this dude quit down 12-0. What I can’t figure out is when that happens does he get the win? I mean wtf 2K.This has been a thing all year and the random losses from quits in TTO make me never want to play this mode again.

I love MyTeam Limited and the prizes after.

You get a couple ragequits back to back and you can stack up some nice stuff pretty quick


What you usually getting? There’s been a time where I’ve gotten a decent promo pack or 3x tokens but nothing major really

Just got two losses in a row in TTO games where I tried to load into a game and it went to the loading screen and then said “there are no remaining players” and gave me a loss. WTF. So that’s 3 losses today in TTO where either my opponent quit or I never even entered the game.

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Limited on the weekends and TTO/AH on the weekdays

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I’m guessing dashboards are losses for everyone

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