What’s the best lineup you can run in MyTeam right now?

Everything considered, tokens, auction house, rewards? The best possible 10 man squad

Pg’s: Jo Jo White, Bob Cousy
Sg’s: Marques Johnson, Badged Up Brian Winters or Allan Houston
Sf’s: Opal Baylor, PG13
Pf’s: Pierce, Draymond
C’s: Mikan, Porzingis

This is excluding Curry cos he’s not available yet. Also no Dr. J

Bird is still legit imo


never used him but that speed is too low

I just use him as a stretch 4. Good enough on defense, silver clamps. Lights out shooter

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Payton / Kobe/ Pg13/ Green/ Lanier
Nash/ Manu/ Bird/ Webber/ Wallace
for me

There really is no definitive answer because every player is different for every user. You have to try cards out and see what fits your style of play.


This exactly^ But I‘d assume Cousy, Manu, PG13, Draymond/Bird/Kristaps and Hakeem all badged up would be unstoppable in the right hands

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Is KP that good?

Haven’t used him. But having gone against him many times I can say he’s a surprisingly good rim protector and a lights out shooter. His only weakness is that he’s slow. Hakeem is hands down the best Center in the game imo that’s why I have KP at the 4. Depending on the ones play style he can eat there

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KP cant play the 4

I prefer Brian winters over manu…Winters is so easy n fluid to use

What players are people using in TT Offline that works fairly consistently against the CPU now? I’m still having trouble winning more than a third of the games I play. Nobody sets effective screens or shoots from perimeter. Rim-running is difficult many games because of CPU help defense and being matched with equal or faster defenders against my ballhandlers. I’ve just resorted to using 2 fast point guards in the hopes that one of them can get to the basket. 2 of the 3 CPU players I’m matched up against are usually a level up from my players, regardless of what I use.

My best lineup right now is:
Jo Jo / Manu / Howell / Draymond /Thurmond
Cousy / Sleepy / PG / C-Webb / Wallace / Kobe

Would maybe throw Lanier in over Wallace if I had him.

Jojo Manu Pierce Bird Mikan


Use simmons and post up with him, get close to the basket and do a spin and layup. So far no card could defend that offline real good.
Other 2 cards can be Boban and Bagley.
You will meet teams that can’t shoot. So close the paint at defense…
Simmons gets a weaker match up most of the time. Boban as well

sleepy’s this good??

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sleepy’s this good.