What’s on TTO boards now?

What’s on TTO boards now?

I know the Bulls cards are there but any other GO players still? Or decent packs? Trying to see if it’s worth playing at all today

Not worth playing, its just ron harper week


Ugh. Why…

Played all day yesterday and only saw Evo Kerr about 3 times


Does anyone know if diamond consumables are still on TT online boards? I haven’t seen one in 3 weeks and I play a lot of TT online.

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Anyone see Jordan or Kukoc?

Yes, I got one yesterday

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Not seen kukoc nor jordan nor rodman nor pippen.

All harpers and kerrs.

Bump to see if anyone knows

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Amethyst pippen and Harper

Haven’t seen any since TMac weekend. I pulled 16 diamond contracts on TMac weekend.

Saw Amy pippen… What a shit board update, haha. Mut be aimed at the new players who bought the game for 5 bucks.

I pulled Diamond MJ last night after 12 resets from friday.
Sorry for the quality xD

Kirk Hinrich is in boards rn!!

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Yeah confirmed that amy Hinrich and diamond Bogut are on boards, I suspect all the Bulls guys are gone

I dont know who is on boards but they are very very bad right now. I cleaned the board 3 times but i got 500 mt and 3 tokens for all my 5 ball drops.

Boards updated?

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Mark Aguirre and IT

Aguirre and IT Opal soon on the board

I know there’s no way to know this but I always wonder if the board is the same if you win or lose.

I dunno, when you lose on a 5 ball drop and the board is ass I would feel kinda better knowing that.

Can anyone confirm if unlimited players are in there