What’s a good price for Kawhi?

What should I be looking to get him at on ps4?

170-240 depending on if shoes contract etc

Edit— 240is high but I’ve seen multiples today with shoe and contract reach that lol. Imma wait til he’s 160 to buy


Ok hopefully I win him got 183k to work with

I got him for 167k y’all hopefully he lives up to the hype

Thats a great price. I hope you enjoy him after all this hype lol

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I got mine for 168k yesterday

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That’s a really good price. Even if you don’t like him, you could make some profit even.

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Yea if I don’t like him I’ll probably flip him for Tatum and grab Curry for my bench. I’ve always done pretty well with his cards even if his shot doesn’t fall he’s a huge threat that opens up the floor for everybody