What rep in Park are you guys at?

Currently 41.4 or something into All Star 2 ( I work about 10 hours a day and play a bunch at night) just about to hit 95 overall tonight NMS.
How far are y’all?

All star 1 maybe 25%. It’s much easier to rep up as a big man


as1 only like 60 games played across all modes lmao

All Star 3. Should be superstar by now but my shooting struggles have hindered my win% this year.

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Agreed. That’s what I’m running right now is a 6’10 big. My buddies don’t play the way I do though and I can tell that’s why we lose a bit. Too much over dribbling and shots going up. Plus whenever I try to set a screen for my buddy I couldn’t do it right bc everyone goes after him bc hes a 97 overall lol.

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I’m getting mine up now. almost 40 percent but mainly due to how my buddy is playing. Always a C to C+ teammate grade. He just started playing again after a few years off but he definitely over dribbles and shoots too much tbh

AS III with a 93 win %

Ss1 about a 87 win %

Is it possible to be a solo player in park? I used to love it but haven’t played in years because the experience just sucks as a solo player.

E: AS2. Rep grind does not make sense rn.

As2 but I don’t care about it or about win % high win % show you don’t play difficult people


Agreed. I’ve got like almost a 40 % win loss and I’ve player around 253-273 games. But I play a lot of good comp but they just cheese like crazy.

I’ve had 2-3 people tell me my build is good or that I’m insane at the game lol. I just am good with my build.

Always so funny so funny seeing those high rep squads bailing from me and some randoms.
And I usually go below 50% WR in park.
Better keep that win rate up with some brown shirts lol.

SS1 about 20% to SS2

Just casually playing with my irls & randoms

Last year when I first started park playing with randoms I was 3-66 at one point. I got to be pretty good when I found regulars to play with but people would always dog me for my win%. I don’t think it’s very indicative of how good someone is. People grow and get better.

Only if you hate yourself and love misery.

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But seriously find guys here to play with if you’re interested. A lot of guys here will help you get better, just gotta find ones that aren’t worried about going on 50 game win streaks. High IQ alone can win you games.

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I solo all the time successfully

I’m high rep high win % so it’s easy to attract decent players & most people tend to give me the ball bc of rep/stats

Best build for soloing is my SF finisher red/blue bc I can dominate any game with any build on my team. If you’re a PG you have to rely on others to rebound, defend. I can dominate everything with my finisher.

My pg still good to solo as long as I have like a 40%+ win center that does big man things, then you can easily add people & make friends like that. You’ll be surprised how many 40-50% win players are actually decent but never had a chance to play with a good guard