What promo can we see tom?

I wonder if we will see something tom. I know 2k haven’t tweeted anything. Am trying to save ny mt and vc but there so many diffrent packs out.plus hall of fame packs expire in 11 hours.


Hopefully d rose with my boy jimmy buckets


Sadly jimmy would look like the better card but b great for me being a bulls fan lol


I like jimmy buckets gonna sell durant and melo :rofl:

Yeah especially cuz its 2k and they make the throwback elite better cuz that makes sense :rofl:

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To quote @DEG , I just want my Pink diamond Jimmy Butler


Not want… We NEED that shiiit lol

2k like Vince McMahon knows what we need and it’s not what we want

2k know what they doing. They dont say anything to let us blow all our vc on these super packs then when friday come we forced to buy more vc. Most of the time 2k put a big vc sale when packs coming . If it is anniversary that will be more money for 2k and more market crashes .but it not affecting tmac prices.

nah, throwbacks ended & it is end of regular season so moments/throwback super packs makes perfect sense

everyone knows something new will drop tomorrow for the weekend with hof expiring – probably an anni 3 player

Should i sell melo tonight ?? Lol

lets sell sunday gotta sell melo and possibly kd too

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Both bin on xbox.

Melo bin???

Never lol he means snipe amount i think

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I think he meant Jimmy and Drose right?

Snipe at bin amount

i just hope its not kg cause i dont have enough vc stacked up

HOF Def Jimmy Buckets would be op af