What price do y'all think diamond Oladipo will settle for?

I was a big fan of the Amy Oladipo card. So I’m waiting for the right time to buy this diamond card. He seems like another Donovan Mitchell to me and the packs are going to be around for a while. What is a good price for this card?


He’s going to be 100 bin

To me, he may be a better Donovan Mitchell because of height + Hof Defensive badges, along with CS.

Mitchell has more stats, but that’s mainly coming from his 99 driving dunk. Oladipo will be the better card of the two, but I would wait until he hits BIN or low bids.

On Xbox he’s going for low going 100’s. But also a lot on the auction house so might buy him for low 100’s while there is a ton of them out there.

If he hits BIN within next couple days I’ll take the L if he’s a nice card

He’s 95k right now

i snipe one on ps4 for 60000. i think he will settle around 7-80000 like derozan and mitchell


Happy I did the moment challenge and sold the amethyst one for 45k soon as I got home

Hasn’t hit buy now on xbox yet. Got one for 100k and not mad at all

Have you used him yet how is he ?

Dude can do everything. Very very pleased even with the 100k I spent. If there wasn’t so many out there on the AH this card would be over 100k. The HOF defensive stopper with HOF pick picket . The shooting badges. Dimer. His release is money and he can jam on peoole

Can someone on Xbox gimme an update on ruby Klays price? much appreciated

Last time I looked 10k

damn someone said 4k hours ago

There’s a moment challenge out for him so it boost up his value

Damn that sucks. Was hoping to cop him dirt cheap but I’ll have to wait for the challenge to expire.