What pre-dynamc duos are you investing in?

Suprised Diamond Duncan doesn’t have one yet.

It would be nice if they gave all the collection rewards duos, more so the diamond ones, I have Webber and Hakeem, but I’m not a fan of cylde, but Peja and Webber would definitely make my second unit

Ive been holding onto 95 Cousins (just sold him yesterday) praying that we’d get that AD duo and nothing smh. My next big hope is KD & Westbrook…2K drawing the duos out this year for sure

When Simmons and Embiid get one I am all over it. I have Simmons amy and Embiid’s diamond, but it looks like they’re saving the duo for Ben’s ROTY diamond.

98 Kd and 97 Westbrook. If they don’t make this duo I’m just gonna downgrade my Kd but really just want my thunder duo

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97 Westbrook and 98 KD is all I’m hoping for at this point!!!

Make my KD a pink diamond 2k!!!

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The diamond kd is already a PD idk what they would upgrade but please 2k make this duo


Just missed a 100K BIN snipe for Embid by a millisecond. :kissing:

System? Damn that’s a good snipe. He still goes for 280k+ early in the day on PS4

XB1, tried to snipe for an hour, other than that well is dry.

Yeah sniping isn’t as good as when diamonds were first dropping. I’d say my best diamond snipes were clearly from around the time of the Clutch Closers set.