What positions would you put melo pg and hedo at

Looking to run these three off the bench. Who would you put at the 1,2, and 3

Melo 3, George 3, Hedo 3.

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Melo at the 3
Hedo at the 3
PG at the 2

I grew up watching PG with Granger on the pacers and he was always a 2 to me

Agree Agree Agree

If it was real basketball yeah but you gotta adapt lol no one plays players at their real positions

I do

The majority*

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Which pg? The white one is a great stretch 4

What PG ?

I would run melo 1, hedo 3

And if it’s 1rst pg he would be 4. if the 2nd would be 2

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Black jersey pg

Starting sg

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