What position are you playing PD Melo?

Card looks sick. I’m not a huge 2k fan of Bird so I’ll pass but future KD is exciting.

For those who have pulled/bought melo, does he live up to the hype? and what position are you playing him at?

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And why is his price rising? I need answers. Lol just wanted to piggy back your thread. Didn’t want to start one of my own

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I had him at SG before I sold him

Why did you sell?

He’s great, jumper is slightly different then his diamond though just fyi.

Worth 600k mt great though?

Once I get him I’ll probably run him at PF

If you’re a veteran of the mode like yourself then you know the answer is no long term Lol but right now worth every penny

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Naw. 500k yes. I sold cause my team isn’t really amazing and I needed the mt

His price is going up because of how good Oscar is… Lots of people are locking him in.

I run him at the 2 and 3. He’s the best auctionable offensive card in the game and isn’t a defensive liability. His dunk animations are great too along with his handles. Dude catches bodies constantly.

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End of thread


What’s the best shoe?

Grey Jordan 12, or pink and white shell toes. Depends on what you prefer between moving 3 and post fade boost.

I run him at PG. I don’t agree that his PD and D have different releases. I’ve been using gold, sapph, and Di Melo all year. And now the PD today. I’ve felt no difference in releases.

It’s also a named release, so no speed/upper release variation to speak of.

I agree that his release is the same.

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White Kobe’s are expensive, but boosting steal and post fade is pretty great too.

Not to mention 99 open 3/ball handling is nice for the eventual swap to pop/Stevens as coach.

Yeah, but you don’t get that swb boost. Shell toes boost steal as well. I went with the grey 12 for the lateral quickness boost.


Melo is dropping in price slowly, just saw him 553k onPS4

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Maybe I’ll invest in a few before he’s out of packs.

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