What Position Are you Playing Bird?

SF or PF? Maybe SG?

Post your updated lineups with Bird slotted in.

I entered the code within 11 seconds and was late :weary: woulda played him at PF

I entered it as soon as it dropped and didnt get it. unreal.


Magic / Pg13 / Bird / KD / Kat

Im too broke for hakeem

why durant at PF instead of Bird?

6’11 > 6’8

If i had lebron then bird would be at the 4

Durant might be 6"11 irl but he’s 6"9 in game


Durant and Bird are the same height in game though 6’9

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Oh lol well bird to pf then

PF is the best position for him period

On another note, what gold shoe boost would you recommend for him?

Diamond Bird was best as PF. Don’t see why the PD won’t be the same.

I have Giannis at PF. I’m gonna use him at SF and move PG13 at SG

I’m playing him at the 2 or 5.

New lineup

Once my diamond Bird sells, I’ll grab a backup PF probably Dray; or sell either Kobe or Klay and get someone better.

SF hes a fucking god

What’s your possible lineup will look like?

I’m surprised by people who claim he is best as PF. Dray or Jsmoove would destroy him on both ends. That card is the perfect SF.