What player reviews would you guys benefit from?

I had a lot of fun making my last review, and I was wondering what the community here might want for a player review. Price limit is 300k for any player, so drop down some suggestions. I’m thinking Opal D Rose could be nice.

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Yea do D rose


If you have PD TMac I’d like to see a review on him. I know he’s expensive. I have him, but wanna see what someone else thinks compared to other cards.

I’m interested in a Kobe or BRoy review as well.

How about how to use a player, for those that try to use magic like curry

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B Roy is definitely an option, but idk about Opal Kobe. The PD I could do.

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I just picked him up and ran a few TTO games. Super fun card so far.

I’ll pick him up on tuesday