What player can top opal Giannis?

Other than the inevitable glitched PG opal, what player can possibly dethrone opal Giannis as the best player in the game? Let’s stick to “normal” cards, not GOATs that go for 3 million+.

Maybe bill Russell if they give him guard stats as well ?

He doesn’t have the wingspan. Although they might give it to him if hes a set reward

Opal pg muresan :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

GOAT Kareem, who would be a 7ft2 Giannis.


final form KAJ 99 all speeds/ 90 3pt/ 60HOFs/ base98

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You said no goats card

So, im gonna say nobody but other future version of his opal

I really like Lamar Odom, he is a beast

I went 12-0 against squads with GO Giannis, and my go-to defender for him were Bosh and Odom

Go eddy curry

Opal AD, if you have him

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Glitched PG Rudy Gobert he only has a. Amethyst atm


GOAT Kareem wouldn’t have the offensive animations. His dribbles suck. Nothing is coming that will be better than Opal Giannis.


He’d have 99 Ball handle and 99 SWB.

Honestly, there’s no card that’ll top that Giannis, particularly the HOF range/point guard version. Point guard opal Shaq, maybe, particularly if they chance his release?

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Agreed. Giannis has always been one of the glitchiest if not the glitchiest card in myteam for a while. The wingspan, his animations, he’s frame they are just so good that it will be difficult for any card to pass him. Except they release a point guard Opal Giannis that is the only thing that will stop the other giannis. That aside, he’s arguably the best card in the game.

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I can see them juicing someone like opal Jonathan Isaac so that Giannis has a bit of competition, but you’re dead right, Giannis is just so difficult to stop due to his glitchy nature, particularly now his release (with HOF QD) is elite

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Exactly my point. I also feel a Galaxy Opal Embiid with increased speed with lateral quickness and reduction in clunkiness might also be a good competition. What do you think?

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It depends on his SWB, I think. Part of the reason Giannis is so good is that it’s almost impossible to stop a 6’11" guy with a 95 SWB rating in transition. If guys like DRob, Hakeem, Shaq only get around the 82-85 mark in that rating, I see them being able to stop him somewhat, but I don’t see them being as good on offense

True. What does SWB mean? :sweat_smile: