What play and playbook is this?

@8:35- What is the play that he calls “OffBall Deodorant?” Which playbook is it found in?

Heat 2013

Heat 13. I think quick 4 horns flare

Quick 4 Horns Flare, it’s in the Heat '13 playbook

It works only on total noobs, everybody knows that play nowadays

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Yeah, both of the “money” plays from the Heat '13 playbook (Quick 4 Horns Flare and Punch 5 Flare Rip) are easy steals for me when people try them on me. It’s predictable.

Offball deodorant :joy: for dummies.
Since 2k17 i assume.

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The quick 4 horns flare playbook is not bad for getting an open drive to the basket…btw does anyone know is there a play for a double screen or something like that on this playbook?