What PDs are we getting next?

Who do you guys think is left to be released? Here are my predictions:

Scottie Pippen
Paul George

I’m not sure about Melo, though it will be profitable for 2k. I still hope to see 98 magic with good hof badges, d granger and mb pd bill russel for all the rings he has.

I want shaq

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I got kobe for 118 just before and hoping Shaq tomorrow for duo lol

That’s a snipe…

Snipe to keep definately, it was during the error messages lol. I reckon he be bin soon tho.

I think there wont be a duo between Shaq and 24# kobe, but I’m the big fan of OK since the year of 2000. I hope I can get both of them in my team.

Yeah it be less likely but who knows what 2k does lol.

Next up: PD Kobe with +1 to all attributes that aren’t 99 already and +1 HOF badge.
Aftermath: 98 Kobe with good shoes will sell for 50k, current PD Kobe with shoes is under 100k BIN and the new one will sell for 200k the first day, 150 the next few days.


PD Lebron from 2016 NBA finals.

PD Jason Terry from the 2011 finals!

I really don’t think there will be anymore PDs of set rewards like there was with Penny. They got a lot of shit for that. So I doubt we see PG13, Pippen, Hakeem, etc. I suppose Kareem would be a possibility. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a PD Baylor or Worthy either.