What pd center is better

Pd wilt, pd artis, pd sig series Kareem, or pd Ralph idk who to get already have sabonis and I don’t like big Z

Just get Big Z and call it a day



Already have sabonis

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Who are your current big men?

Sabonis and then no one or I guess George mikan but he’s just there until I get a better option

I ve test Gilmore today and he is a beast too ,
If you like to shot a lot of 3 with him and less athleticism go with sabonis or big Z

I would Suggest Davis or Gilmore

And Sabonis specially if you like to play a lot in the post and dime all day long (Knick playbook )

Davis as in ad?

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Yes he can handle centers but
if your facing yao sub in saboner

I don’t got that kinda mt :joy:

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I got like 220k

Get Gilmore he can shoot middy and
solid on defense and rebounding.

Over Kareem and wilt?

Limited Kareem is expensive a little less than AD.

But yeah better than both Regular Kareem and Wilt

+1 for Gilmore, he’s a beast

Maybe Artis he lowkey a beast

I would go for Kareem. He’s almost a guaranteed mismatch, wether it’s with his height or with his speed. The only problem I have with him is that his post moves are fairly slow, but they’re usable.

KAJ is beastmode. If you know how to handle Shaq , it’s a huge W.