What PD cards are left?

I can only think of Wilt the stilt and Lebron,Maybe Curry,is there any left?

Diamond Derrick Rose, the next season reward

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Since they give Iverson /no disrespect/ a PD, anything is possible imo.

I would think Curry, Durant, and LeBron are possible. Depends on how the playoffs turn out.

Umm, to be quite frank… Allen Iverson, offensively speaking, was a pink diamond and deserves a pink diamond! Cmon now.

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Iverson isn’t a top 50 player.

He was one of my childhoods favourite but I dont think that he was on that level ever. And I mean it like all time.

That’s insulting, don’t ever speak that nonsense again. Top 50? Easily. Am I saying he is top 20? No, but not in the top 50?! Pound for pound he was arguably the greatest scorer in NBA history. Much akin to the argument of Mayweather being pound for pound the greatest of all-time. Now back to Iverson, take in account his stature and frame, and the beating he was able to take and still keep coming at you. He’s a hall of famer because of this, his iron-will, and offensive prowess. He lead the NBA twice in steals and ppg, the only other player to ever do this is Michael Jordan. Saying the guy isn’t top 50 of all-time is one of the most ridiculous things I have read on this entire forum. Are we measuring people by how they play in 2K now? Sheesh. Sorry he can’t guard the LeBron’s and Giannis’ of MyTeam in 2K, lol. If you take Kobe Bryant off of the Lakers and put A.I. alongside Shaq they’re still winners. Send Kobe to the 6ers and tell me he does a damn thing over there but put up points.

Career numbers

Allen Iverson: 26.7p/3.7r/6.2a/2.2s
Kobe Bryant: 25.0p/5.2r/3.7a/1.4s


Anyone can put up points, I’m big into efficiency and AI was a very inefficient scorer. He’s not top 50 to me.

Y’all are tripping. Individually Allen Iverson is not one of the top 50 players of all-time? Ok. Do you all realize A.I. paved the way to the NBA we see today? The dude reinvented the crossover, and brought electricity to a boring ass, bruising type of NBA. A.I. was a once in lifetime revolutionary player. Okay though.

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Check more advantage stats…

Kobe really only had 3.7 assists?

If that is how you measure players then if you take away Kobe Bryant’s 5 rings what does that make him? Barely top 50? lol

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Kobe was still much more efficient than AI.

Yeah, Kobe was a career ball-hog and shot chucker. He was talked down about this for fucking years, and people act like they forgot.

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Thats why we loved him. He was fun to watch.
But if you go deep in the numbers…

Disrespect to AI is real… I agree with what you saying 100% @Ryan

Have u watched him live on tv or in the court? Do you even know who were his teammates ?

I know that but 3.7 seemed freakishly low.

Much more efficient? His career FG% is .447, and A.I.‘s is .425!!! Kobe Bryant was a jump shooter and fade specialist. Sure he attacked the rim but not like A.I. Allen Iverson’s degree of difficulty was much higher because the guy was throwing his 6’ 165 pound frame into the likes of some of the best rim protectors and big men to ever play. Remember the league wasn’t that soft back then? I can hit you with cold hard truth all day my guy.

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