What packs have you seen on TT Online since update?

I seen a coach pack earlier and didn’t know these were there lol.
Seen the older packs from previous seasons but has anyone seen any of those pantheon ones? Haven’t seen those yet at all .

I think other TTO rewards from the past such as Dana Barros, Theo Ratliff and Kiki V are also available

yeah i seen those too almost forgot

I had Jordan pantheon on one of my boards. This also goes along with quantum, ad idols, kg idols, and radioactive as the premium stuff I’ve come across. Lots of lower tier packs too. Pulled a pd peja out of one of those season 3 packs. Easy 25k.

Pretty awesome stuff to see on the boards.
anyone else pulling anything good?
Best I pulled was an emerald lol.

Team Ups, Playoff Underdogs - cards without clamps for Limited