What packs for PG?

Probably pulled like 20 packs of different variety. Help me out lol

Pulled 14 base moments… Amy luka best pull

Same man, ive gotten steven adams 3xs little infuriating. Lol

20 box of league moments. The 20 box are all deluxe packs. Better chance at pulling the moments

Only time i pulled a diamond moments was blake early on. But these deluxe packs suck for me. Idk

Pulled a 20 box moments got kyrie and PG

pulled him out of deluxe moments single

Pulled two diamond kyrie with 90k on the 10 packs box


Stop pulling good stuff bro :smile:


Haha man I dont believe in luck but i need it all after them jordan packs… i just need them joints to disappear forever :rofl:

They feel like Jordan packs second coming:
30 Heat Check Deluxe Singles
60 Moments Deluxe Singles
10 Moments Singles

Only 2 doncices

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I opened 10 deluxe heatcheck with mt pulled Beal Adams kyrie and pg13. Don’t buy vc it is a waste of money. Sniping is too easy to throw away real money

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