What other games do you play/stream?

I mostly play 2K, but there are a handful of oyher games that crack my rotation occasionally:

  • Kerbal Space Program - Build rockets, space stations, probes, landers etc. and blast them into orbit and beyond with realistic physics. (Streaming now - Getting a space station for refueling into orbit, so I can venture further into space - https://m.twitch.tv/star5cr34m_xbone )

  • Sea of Thieves- Pirate hijinks on the high seas. My wife and I play this together via PC/Xbox cross play, it’s a blast.

  • Spintires Mud Runner - Cult game about driving big soviet era hulking industrial vehicles through the mud with real mud and water physics, basically. Sounds stupid, but it ia unbelievably gratifying to me.

  • Destiny 2. Love this game, but haven’t really had the time or inclination to play since 2K came out.

  • RDR2. Some day, I will have enough time to invest in this game, I’ve only played for about an hour so far.

Battlefront 2 battlefield 5 nothing much else

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Warframe, Spiderman, Madden sometimes

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None…,played madden last year because 2k18 was awful

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Dragon Ball Fighterz
Resident Evil 2
Rainbow Six Siege

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I did the same thing for about 6 months last year, played MUT since the beginning this is the first year just 2K.

Fifa 19 Ultimate Team
LA Noire
SW Battlefront 1&2

God Of War (New Game +)
Assassin’s creed odyssey
WWE 2K19

Kerbal looks interesting, i just came back to 2k from a long madden binge n im glad i did. When i get bored i play a bit of NHL19 or rdr2 but not much.

Finished with the refueling station and made it to the launch pad, about to blast off! By complete coincidence, A Tribe Called Quest’s The Space Program just hit the random playlist! :joy::rocket:

I used to play alot of Terraria, its like Minecraft and Mario brothers had a baby together lol, got bored of that n was waiting for the sequal (Terraria Otherworld) but the project got canceled after they built hype for 6 years…

Madden, just offline tho.

I was pretty good at MUT back in the day, cracked the top 50 twice and top 100 once. I also played one of the best in the world (HaShugz) and held my own - lost by a FG as time expired after blowing a 4th quarter lead.

Im ptetty terrrrrrible playing mut online so i just stick to offline lol.

MUT online is no joke. I just got sick of everybody using the same youtuber strategies, every year everyone uses like the same 3 plays and defense depending on the meta. It’s part of why I went to 2K, at least the moment-to-moment gameplauly is more varied.

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This. I grinded Not Forgotten in the Crucible and haven’t even played the new expansion.

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Forsaken was peak D2. The new expansion is ass and the rest of these “content drips” will probably be the same.

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Right now I’m really just playing 2k and RDR2. But I love the Dark Souls games and especially Bloodborne. I used to play them frequently.

NFL Pats sail 2019

EA Sports

It’s in the game…

Uncharted lost legacy, Chess ultra, horizon zero Dawn