What NBA team(s) do you guys like?

I personally still really love the Thunder and hope someday with the moves we made after getting rid of KD and Russ, who were my two favorites at the time I started liking OKC, that we can eventually win big in the future. The Mavs have become my main favorite since drafting Luka and honestly Luka is just my favorite player to watch and was after seeing him play for the first time in the NBA. Dude is just so good at a high level and at such a young age.

The Raptors are my 3rd team because well I’m Canadian and its hard for me to not like the team. I was so happy to see them win the first title in Canada a few years ago, but sad we haven’t had that success since and are basically starting another rebuild it feels like.

These reasons are why I have a few favorites, basically they were based on players that I like or in the Raptors case, because they are my home countries only team, and honestly its hard for me not to like the Raptors.
How many of y’all rock with different teams and what’s your favorite(s) and why?

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I am just a Sixers fan. Basically grew up a Sixers fan and prefer to be a fan of the team and not of any specific player. In my mind, Barkley died when he forced the Sixers to trade him.

Follow the Bulls and Mavs. Maybe if they combined franchises I could follow a competitive team.

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i like something about almost every team. since i’m from a place with no hometown squad, i’ve always been more of a player fan than a team fan. i always have and always will hate the celtics though.

I like the Warriors best.

Timberwolves all time & Cavaliers cause Ricky Rubio fan

100% Thunder fan. Spent my entire life waiting for a pro team to come to OK, so I’ve been with them since 2008. I’m pretty hyped for this season (watching them lose to the Griz right now though).

My League Pass team will definitely be the Spurs this year. Last year was the Magic because they were pretty fun to watch.

Cavs :disguised_face:

Raptors. I’m Australian and got into basketball early 90s through the Jordan boom but mainly followed the Australian league due to lack of content available plus I didn’t just want to jump on a bandwagon like the Bulls, Magic, Hornets or Lakers.

Then when the Raps and Grizz came in I decided I’d follow one of them so I could get in from the start. The Raptors drafted mighty mouse with their first pick who I’d seen a few games with Arizona so I decided to pick them.

I’ve since spent a couple of years in Canada and got to watch them live a dozen or so times.