What music do you listen to?

What music do you listen to?

honestly not a fan of him

Me and Tecca both have that nerd look, he resonates with me on a few levels

i respect that for real. some rappers resonate with me likewise on different levels

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Another great SG song.

I always preferred Audioslave over Soundgarden.


you hear savages versse?

I’m nms, so i listen to Dave Ramsey podcasts! Lol, I’m not kidding. 35 years old baby step 7.

38 years old, still listening to hip-hop artists my age. New Little Brother, Joell Ortiz, Murs, Ras Kass all in the rotation with good late summer releases. Probably the best last few months in hip-hop for my tastes in years.

True but his flow is nice. This shit is heat


Not crazy about techno but this is a masterpiece

led zeppelin, john mayer, anything 70/80s, classic rock, 90s hip hop, current hip hop

I’m listening to a bit of everything

Rap, pop, rock, hard rock, heavy metal, electro, jazz, soul, classic, opera…

Anything that makes me dance or sing




Man of culture right here ^

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Dave Ramsey, joe rogan podcasts

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My current top 5 rap artists
Kendrick lamar
Big krit
Lupe fiasco
Earl sweatshirt
Freddie gibbs

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