What music do you listen to?

I listen to mainly rap, sometimes punk rock type music like Blink 182, all time low.

Rappers I am listening to now:

Travis Scott
Chief Keef
Money Bagg Yo


Reggae, punk, and classic hip hop.

All those rappers are trash imo.
Rap is dead.

J Cole and a couple others are all thats left worth a damn. Killer Mike is still putting out solid stuff.

R&B has been awful since the early 2000’s.

Country has been trash since the 90’s except Sturgil Simpson & a few outlaw types.

Rock has too wide of a variety to narrow down. Alterbridge is still good.

Pop is complete horseshit

I listen to everything but country

I’ll listen to Al Green, then enter shikari, old e40,outcast, tribe called quest, Nas, and some electronic

I’m all over the place, but to me a lot of the new wall reminds me of emo music from the 90s, but I guess in old

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Pretty much anything. I pretty much can listen to everything, I usually give everything a chance before turning away from it

I usually listen to anything that hits my ear nicely but my go to artist is Childish Gambino, Drake and Kanye West.

But if I had to say some of my favorite artist of all time would include. MJ, Drake, Chris Brown, Kanye, J Cole, Kendrick, and Chance

I’m with you on that been listening to a lot of Cole and Kendrick lately




I know im the minority, but young thug, lil wayne, the weeknd, i like ppl that are different, started with weezy, now its thugger


I listen to mostly Hip Hop but I do dab into early 90s and 2000s r&b

Favorite Artist: J Cole

Artist I listen to
J Cole
K dot
Montana 300
Lil baby
Money Bagg

Zapp and Roger
Keith Sweat
Jagged Edge
Use to like R Kelly but I just can’t support someone like him

Edit: how could I forget the Isley Brothers :open_mouth:


Lil Baby goes hard I’ve been re-listening to harder than ever and too hard

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Similar tastes :slight_smile:

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Yea I listen to him and others when I wanna nod my head. I don’t look to deep for bars from him but he does deliver time to time. I’m just a big fan of his flow whether he got it from Thug or not

Gunna goes hard af with Baby

Truer words never spoken. If there’s a song Thug , Gunna and lil baby on it I’m on it.

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Chanel off thugs new album is flames

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Joey Badass
SchoolBoy Q
Kendrick Lamar
Ab Soul
Jay Rock
Mac Miller
Nick Grant
ASAP Rocky
Playboi Carti
James Brown
Curtis Mayfield
Erykah Badu
Flatbush Zombies
Kid Cudi

And alot of 90s/ 2000s Shit

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Everything from the Clash to Young Thug lol