What monitors are you guys rocking? (Next gen)

I’m looking into monitors right now for work/PS5 and wanted to what you all were using. Currently have a Dell 1440p for PC gaming but tried it with the PS5 and the colors just look off so I’m gravitating towards either a 1080p with 165hz/1ms or a 4k with 60hz/1ms. Work with numbers a lot so thinking 4k might benefit for work as well but not finding anything good under 500

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Adam A7X

Best Studio Monitors for Mix-down and Jam-Sessions



I understood the joke!


Had a LG one before this but end up returning it, love this one but beware the picture without HDR looks better


Samsung TV for PS4

ASUS TUF 1440P 165hz 27inch Monitor for PC

Running a LG GL83A. 1440p 144 hz ips goodness.

will definitely look into one once next gen has got more games!
but as of now, tbh i only play 2k and getting next gen so early just for 2k is already a bit of a strech to me…
we dont play 2k cuz of the quality of the graphics :skull: