What meta card has the highest skill gap?

I think it’s hibachi… name some


I agree, has to be an undersized player. Arenas for sure, I don’t know if Iverson, Curry, Kyrie are considered meta, but they would be in contention as well.

Lmao people just zig zig me with Gilbert most dudes that use him are 12 and wanna chuck 3s. So annoying


Seems pretty easy to abuse Arenas. You can just screen spam most players and they won’t be able to guard it. His shot is so quick he doesn’t need more than an inch of space.

Curry can be meta just off his 3 point shot creating… i got some crazy clips with him

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You should upload them, he’s my favourite player irl and I’m dying trying to master him in 2K haha

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best meta card with the highest skill gap versus good players

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you almost have to use screens with him because of his animations

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IDK if he’s “Hard to use”

But If you learn how to get to your spots and pull, FMVP Kawhi is insane on both ends.


Don’t ever hear anyone talk about this, but I think Kareem actually has a high skill requirement to use properly.

I mean that in the sense that it takes skill to fully utilize him rather than just using him as a fast rim runner or doing simple pick and pops.

Skyhook is not very user friendly. Takes skill to consistently green and offball contests it often.

His simple fade is actually pretty bad.

His hop shots get blocked more than almost anyone else I post with.

Shimmy fade also doesn’t create much space.

Using him as a primary post scorer requires hitting people with up and unders and post hop up and unders.

He can dribble a bit but that also requires skill to utilize (much more difficult than with Shaq for example).


O.o his fade is good though… even though it’s only good on one side, it’s the second best fade in the game

I agree with this. I’m still working on my KAJ skills after having him for a long time on the team.

Stupid skyhook.

Fade away from the paint on the left block is the one I hate, and that’s where I usually post up

just fade right…it will never get smothered unless defender jumps

kareem is pretty easy to use…shaq is probably harder because he has actual guard dribbles and a slow ass jumper

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Ive been trying to think of it for a while and i really cant think of anyone

Maybe this game doesnt take that much skill lol

cuz these cards are so juiced…a better question is what park build has the highest skill gap… pure play maybe?


I’d say Melo takes some level of skill, because his post game is where’s he really excels over other cards.

Such a fun card to use.


Probably one of the Non Meta

but any of the PG builds for sure have the highest skill gap because being the PG is easily the hardest position

Every MVP candidate for 2k league is a PG

yea probably point forward and pure plays because they wont be hidden on defense and they must master their jumpshot

PG easily, for me C and wing are so easy.

PG needs to have eagle vision, defensive skills and the ability to score…

I love getting 20 15 games with my play shot, everybody gets involved and then I just get my easy buckets.