What makes Bol Bol so good?

I sold my Giannis this morning to better fit my demon starting 5 of Kobe, MJ, Tatum and Blake. What makes everyone love Bol so much? His stats don’t seem all that crazy, and he’s pretty slow for the top centers out right now. What’s the rage?

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Sounds like you haven’t used the card yet :joy: just get him. You’ll see


I feel like the one kid at the house party who hadn’t hit the blunt yet :sob::sob::sob:


For me he was really fast, and basically has the dunk animations of a Guard so he’s great in 5 out

He’s basically opal Wiseman from last year.


Minus the lightning quick release

That’s the only reason I didn’t love the Bol card and prefer someone like Bosh

On next gen, he can curry slide. The space he creates off of that move is ridiculous because of his height.

He has quick dribble style. One of only few bigs with it.

Pro 3 behind the back.

HOF Range and a very smooth and quick release.

And he’s 7’2 with a 7’7 wingspan at PF. So he plays the lnes really well on defense.


People who love to 5 out just use him a dunk the ball every time. Then once he has takeover he shoots hof range threes…


I had Giannis and I said there’s no way a pink diamond Bol is better so I was bored and got one with extra hof badges and I was blown away and sold Giannis before I even ran a unlimited game with Bol Bol

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As the league MVP said: “ No Homo but he’s longer than you expect.”mVp


You think Bosh has a noticeably quicker release? Reply marriage we 50s time tomorrow with Bol then Bosh

A dude that tall shouldn’t move like that.

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His slow? His one of the fastest players in game

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I had Bosh and said the same thing, how can a pink diamond be better than a dark matter and I decided to try him because everyone said he’s insane and I loved him. I decided to put speed grinches on him and now he’s an absolute demon.


Next Gen

  1. Bol
  2. Kukoc
  3. Ferry

BolBol current gen also a beast with clamps and showtime plus heartcrusher

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Next gen, Bol’s probably the best card in the game not named Simmons

He doesn’t fit my play style on current gen as he can’t sprint in the full court like Giannis and Blake can, plus I like the release better on other centers, but he’s still an absolute gem of a card. For most, even on current, Bol is top 5. Insane value for what he’s going for

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7’7 wingspan and ball handle with 7’2 height insane defense and rebounds.
Plus this is the real demon starting five right now :triumph:

I went into freestyle and was hooked on him lol

Kukoc really that good? I haven’t seen much out of him yet

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