What level is everyone?

This the first season I went on a xp rampage. I wasn’t going for j.r. but decided to go for it. And did anybody try galaxy artis yet? After this glitch market thing came about it made grinding a joke in a way when someone can get one card and get to level 40. Which I know it’s a one in a million chance.

almost lvl 31, at 40.7k XP. This season looks super easy, 71k XP being out in the first week is fucking nuts lol

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221k is “available” agree with the fucking nuts part


I would be higher but I cant do limited or unlimited. I started playing online a little bit but the lagging turn me off because I lose due to this lagging crap.

Level 31

Almost lvl 30. Taking my time a bit this season, especially with this new Haliburton card released

Yea that card have a money release. I had to keep this card after doing his xp.

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Level 21. I’m not trying to get JR really bc he is not my end game type of PG. I should have Pistol Pete by the time JR is available tho so not worried about agendas. I stop going for season players after Blake. There will always be better alternatives. When people are getting JR it will be time for season 7 with all types of PGs bigger and better than JR.


Level 33. Decided not to rent any non BIN players this season, so I will reach level 40 slower than usual.

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Wouldn’t JR be better at SG


TMAC has that stop locked up.

True :muscle:

Level 28.

I feel like I am at an ok pace

Lvl 26, without worrying too much about.

Wish u could remove badges off reward cards tho, be way more interested if I could get rid of steady