What is your game missing?

What would you like to work on when it comes to your game?

For me it’s isolation and post dribbling. I’m pretty good at plays and sets but my offense can get predictable due to my inability to breakdown defenders one on one.

What do you feel that you need to improve?

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I’ve never been a true dribble god. I just use what’s needed, but sometimes I feel like I could learn a bit more cheese.

Apart from that I’m pretty well rounded imo.

My biggest weakness has to be manually rebounding. It’s atrocious how badly I lose the O-Board battle at times.

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My biggest weakness is contesting shots. Oh wait…

Probably how many plays I can run with any kind of fluidity and execute on them right.


Fast Internet
Hence On Ball D & Dribbling Skills


Timing. Skill. Patience. Diligence. Composure.


Same, I’ve always had subpar internet, so I’d like to get better at on-ball


I cant dribble for shit lol


Just force play TTO and it will happen. I’m pretty sure I got good at dribbling from refusing to play off ball D and picking up on which dribble move was hard to guard and how they chain together.


Isn’t the key to iso dribbling using L2? seems to work well for me

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I thought we were talking about real life for a second.

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A lot of my game needs work. But I am terrible in the post.

In that case: height, skill, athleticism, and a million dollar contract

Oh in that case: skill, speed, size, strength, stamina, and dedication.


Hmmmm :thinking: That gives me an idea for a thread actually.

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What do you mean by “post dribbling”?

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Running plays. I dabbled into it last yr but I feel like sometimes it takes forever to initiate and then theres like 5secs left. I only know 5-6 plays by heart. Then I see ppl who dominate using almost no plays and dont feel as bad.

My biggest issue is turnovers, I’m kind of deserves it when i choose to play fast but still

Pure passion. Grit and grind. Determination