What is your 12-0 team?

Do you run your god squad or do you have a special lineup. How do you play with said lineup?

I usually change my team every month lol

Did you already go 12-0 this month? If so what team did you use?

I’ve gone 11-1 I lost connection yesterday on a winning 8th game.
Was very upset because I can only play 2 games/day
Will make a run on the weekend.

I’m just not having success running in headfirst with my god squad. I don’t understand how some games are different than others. It feels like the opponents players can close out on shots much quicker in some than others.

Pd melo
Went 12-0 like 4 times with this squad
Lmao @LuckyKid I didn’t even mean to reply to you

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Im thinking about just doing an equalizer test if you guys could help me with what lower rated players I can throw in my lineup that would be awesome https://2kmtcentral.com/19/lineups/389560/lineup1


I’m running

GO Jordan
PD 98 Durant
GO Worthy
GO Wilt
GO Giannis

All my opponents are literally amy and below it was super easy yet I lost connection.



So do you do the overall glitch with those last 5?

What system are you on?

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System: PS4

You gotta do what you gotta do.

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went 12-0 a few times with this

I have gone 12-0

Using 12-man / 10-man / 8-man / 5-man squad.

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I only use one team whenever I play lol

I’ve been having bad lag so sitting at 6-0 until I finally get @Awanz to help me (I didn’t forget awanz lol)

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Bill Russel, Kd , Bird, David Robinson, Greg Oden
bench is Mj at pg and Pascal and Sabonis as pf and C … I leave bird and Durant the whole game

I run straight iso 5 out the entire game

Yeah I just kind of want to do it myself. I just can never string them all together.