What is up with diamond Kevin Love?!?!?!

I pulled this guy today and put him up for a bid of 70k. came back and he didn’t sell. am I missing something is he this bad lol. I figured for sure he’s go for that and he was the cheapest up. does anyone know what his price is? ps4 btw

His stats are meh for a diamond.

Slow stretch 4’s aren’t quite desirable cards for myteam


i.figure people would drool cause he can shoot threes lol. I was hoping for another Kawhi and this bum popped up. anyone know his price? his damn near bin.

good to know. I plan on selling him and getting Amy Draymond.

Nice I wish I pulled Kawhi even once. Serious payday.

yeah I kept him for a day. then my son and everyone here convinced me to sell him to build my team. I sold him 550l picked up playoff LeBron, Diamond Malone, opened 30k in packs pulled Diamond Lillard. I blew another 150k on packs haha. have about 75k left over with Diamond Love on the block. im.a pack addict. I just like the thrill lol it was worse in Madden haha.

I learned my lesson over the years. I never get shit opening packs with MT. Ive been buying MT here and there instead to get guys I want.

yeah my luck in Madden was way better. I’ve done okay though. best with mt so far was diamond Melo the day he came out.

One word. Wildcard

Make that 40 swb–> 75
He would be 120k lol.

Worst diamond in the game in my opinion. Love shouldn’t have the same three pointer as Marc Gasol. They fucked Love on that and his speed and speed with ball.