What is unlimited mode?

Is this the new supermax?

Yes but it’s more closely related to mto from the previous years

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Does it have different tiers kinda like pno in 18?

MyTEAM Unlimited
New to NBA 2K19, MyTEAM Unlimited is a brand new competitive online mode that allows you to bring your best lineup of 13 players to take on players from around the globe. MyTEAM Unlimited is a very easy to understand experience, yet offers many different layers of rewards for your time spent here.

MyTEAM Unlimited
Brand new in NBA 2K19, MyTEAM Unlimited is a competitive online mode that allows you to play with all of your best cards without restrictions. Earn MyTEAM Points, free card packs, Reward Tokens, and if you are good enough, the incredibly exclusive Player of the Month cards!
Let’s talk about how it works, using the above screenshot as your reference. While competing head-to-head against other users, you are going to be playing a block of (up to) 12 games. The goal is to get as many Wins as possible (within those 12 games) before you get 3 Losses. Once you get 3 losses, you are out and must start over. When you crash out with your third loss, you are awarded with the prize listed in the Prize Board! For those of you who finish the 12-game block with a record of 10-2 or 11-1, you will receive some pretty great prizes including MyTEAM Points and free packs of cards that will change during the course of the year.
For those of you who put the effort in and go 12-0, you will be rewarded with the ultra-exclusive Player of the Month card. Every calendar month, we will put in a new Player of the Month card for you to earn. These are extremely high-end cards that are exclusively available within the MyTEAM Unlimited experience! If you have the skills to complete the Player of the Month collection by collecting all of the cards in the set, you will receive the truly unique GALAXY OPAL Isiah Thomas card! GALAXY OPAL?!?! An ultra-rare card type, Galaxy Opals are the BEST cards in NBA 2K19’s MyTEAM. You absolutely want one of these on your team, trust me!

Got this info from the MyTeam blog that’s all the info

Pd reward 1st month? :laughing:
This is from final stage probably. 12-0 requirement was 3rd prestige in k17. Seems like they replaced Pd Duncan with J.

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Thank heavens we have a reward outside of Duncan and Zeke. Not to sound ungrateful but they need to mix it up

That Thomas is not worth it in my opinion